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3 Foods That You Should Stop Eating

Over the course of human history humans have consumed over 80,000 different types of plants, animals, and fungi. Roughly 3,000 of those foods have become widespread and common foods within a typical diet. What is even more disturbing is that most people gather approximately 67% of their caloric intake from just THREE of these foods!

These three foods are major contributors to health and weight problems since they are over consumed on a daily basis. It hasn't been until recently that these three foods became so mainstream, but in today's society it is nearly impossible to avoid them without knowing.

Understanding what these three foods are and how they negatively affect your body is the foundation to a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to check out the 3 Foods That You Should Stop Eating before you make the mistake of over consuming them again!

The TRUTH About Egg Yolks

The age old debate of egg whites vs egg yolks has confused people ever since eggs were recognized as nutritionally beneficial. Common literature often times suggest that egg yolks are high in cholesterol and fat, therefore only the white are worth consuming - but is this in fact true?

As it turns out, egg yolks are the most nutrient rich part of the egg, and the white of eggs are practically devoid of nutrition when compared to the yolks. Furthermore, recent studies suggest that the benefits to be gained from egg whites may not be applicable unless the white are consumed together with the egg yolks. There is a certain nutritional balance that must be achieved, and without consuming the yolk you are missing out on a large part of this balanced formula.

To find out the full benefits and The TRUTH About Egg Yolks be sure to read the in-depth article. It's fair to say you will be nothing short of shocked at what you'll find out. Don't make the mistake of throwing away nutrient rich egg yolks anymore!

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